Embedding sustainability at the core of chartering

The shipping industry is highly concerned with today’s pressing sustainability issues. We have never seen so many initiatives, so many promises. But even though these concerns are receiving increased attention, our industry is still not contributing as much as we could to relieve the climate crisis.

Fuel-heavy, polluting vessels and overcapacity still dominate our industry. When it comes to chartering specifically, current systems and processes fail to make environmental impact a criterion in everyday decision-making.

For us at VesselAdmin, there has always been a missing link: sustainability assessment of vessels has not been a natural and integrated part of the chartering process.

Sustainability has therefore largely rested on individual companies – or even individual employees – that are willing to go the extra mile to make sure their vessels are up to the highest environmental standards. And still, availability of objective, comparable data on the environmental performance of vessels is not commonplace.

VesselAdmin is attacking this issue head-on to make sustainability a key selection criterion for vessels, enabling charterers to make decisions in line with their sustainability policies – and to document that they are following through.

Sustainability, concretely.

We are here to help you follow through on sustainability by enabling documented, green choices. What does this mean in practice?Running a chartering process through the VesselAdmin portal means that you can tailor a tender to your needs based on technical, commercial and environmental criteria, and define the weighting of each of them.

In terms of sustainability, VesselAdmin now enables you to:

  • Choose vessels based on type of fuel and fuel consumption
  • Choose vessels with the lowest emissions.

This means that we make it easy for you to visualize the greener choices. Thanks to our standardized evaluation of fuel type, fuel consumption and emissions, the information you need is readily available, reliable and comparable. You can even rule out vessels that do not match your sustainability standards, and only receive bids from best-in-class vessels.

In the VesselAdmin chartering portal, you get everything you need to make a responsible choice and help your company reach its sustainability goals.

Keep pushing boundaries

We are in the process of developing a comprehensive green scoring system that will take every aspect of sustainability into account. Here is a little preview into the factors we will shortly include in our sustainability assessment:

  • How waste from ship operations is handled
  • How proactive ship owners are in implementing new technology to improve environmental performance
  • Whether vessel owners live up to best practice in ship operations
  • Whether the vessel has been built with environmental-friendly materials
  • Whether vessel owners ensure healthy working conditions for their crew.

At VesselAdmin, we take a stand for responsible chartering. We strive to enable players of ocean mobility to live up to the very highest standards of responsibility in business. Today, that means doing everything we can to reduce our environmental impact.

Improve your environmental performance, and easily document your progress
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